Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare on stage 28th September to 1st October 2022, directed by Keith Ralphs.

Shakespeare’s comedy of love and deception is transported to the 1920s, as shipwrecked twins struggle to regain control of their lives and passions amongst strangers with their own desires. The play is set in the sleek and stylish Hotel Illyria, perched on the Riviera, where the other main protagonists maintain suites as their summer retreats.

Auditions in the Studio:

Sunday May 29th 2:30pm; Tuesday May 31st, Thursday June 2nd 7:30pm; Sunday June 5th 2:30pm.

Scripts are available now in the foyer to be borrowed and returned, a digital version is available here. A selection of Audition pieces is available here with a list by character and sub-folders containing texts for each. 

Principal Characters (with ideal ages):


Viola: One of a pair of youthful twins shipwrecked in a foreign land, she must conceal her identity to make her way in unfamiliar surroundings. (18 – 30)

Olivia: A young lady of considerable means whose father and brother have recently died.  (18 – 30)

Maria: Olivia’s lady’s maid and confidante, resourceful and clever. (25 – 35)


Sebastian: Viola’s twin brother, bold and charming, separated from Viola during the shipwreck (18 – 30)

Orsino: A wealthy Count, brave but melancholy; he adores Olivia, but his advances have been rejected thus far. (25 – 35)

Sir Toby Belch: Olivia’s uncle, boorish, drunken and devious. He exploits Sir Andrew, despises Malvolio and holds Maria in high regard. (35+)

Sir Andrew Aguecheek: A foolish but wealthy aristocrat, cowardly, oblivious to Toby’s manipulation of him, (over) confident of his own skills. (30+)

Feste: An entertainer of Olivia’s household whom she has known since her childhood, just returned from unsanctioned absence. Witty and clever (must be able to sing confidently, any other musical ability also useful). (35+)

Malvolio: Olivia’s chief servant. Vain, condescending and supercilious, he looks down his nose at many and harbours delusions of grandeur. (40+)

Antonio: A Naval officer and adversary of Orsino from previous conflicts who rescues and befriends Sebastian. Brave, earnest and loyal. (30+)

Supporting Characters (any age):

The following characters are doubled/trebled (as grouped below) and so require only 4 actors. Though written as Male, all auditionees will be considered.  

Fabian: Olivia’s gardener and ally of Toby in realising his schemes.

Captain: Rescues Viola from his wrecked ship, trustworthy and resourceful.

Attendant: A member of Olivia’s and/or Orsino’s retinue.

Valentine: Servant and companion of Orsino.

1st Officer Local Illyria law enforcement.

Curio: Servant and companion of Orsino.

2nd Officer Local Illyria law enforcement.

Priest: Local religious official.

Servant: A member of Olivia’s household.

Attendant: A member of Olivia’s and/or Orsino’s retinue.

I would ideally like to bias the auditions for Principal Characters into two blocks; Block A: Orsino, Viola, Olivia, Sebastian, Antonio; Block B: Toby, Andrew, Maria, Feste, Malvolio, with Block A on May 29th and 31st and Block B on the remaining days. If you can’t make either of the preferred dates for a character, don’t worry, we can still fit you in on the others. Supporting characters auditions are welcome on any date. If you are unable to attend any of the audition dates or require more info, please contact me on, join the Facebook group here or call/text me on 07796 841199 and we will try to fit you in somehow.