Jack and the Beanstalk

Audition Dates and Times

Sunday 2nd October: 2pm All welcome
Monday 3rd October: 7:30pm Principals
Tuesday 4th October: 7:30pm Principals
Thursday 6th October: 7:30pm Singing auditions for those who haven’t been heard already
Saturday 8th October: 2pm Call-backs and dancing auditions
There will also be singing auditions on all dates. More info on singing audition pieces coming soon.

Auditions for principals (all can be male or female)

Jack (bright plucky young man; principal boy)
Dame Dottie Dimple (typical dame; Jack’s mother)
Simple Simon (Jack’s daft brother)
Piccalilli (the witch)
Fairy Sugardust (good fairy)
Rancid the Ratman (local ratcatcher who becomes the giant’s henchman)
King Crumble (henpecked and ditherer)
Queen Apricot (in charge!)
Princess Charlotte (principal girl)
Snatchet and Scarper (the broker’s men; comedy twosome)
Humphrey (the king’s equerry; a bit of a twit)
Buster Gut-Bucket, the giant (may just be a voice and not appear on stage)
Buttermilk (the pantomime cow; two people needed)
Chorus (villagers, fayre goers, the giant’s minions)

Any questions, contact Erica Harley