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Lettice and Lovage

By Peter Shaffer
Director Julie Utley
11th–14 April 2018

'Enlarge! Enliven! Enlighten!' is the motto for living of Lettice Douffet, a flamboyant, passionate and daffy enthusiast of history and the theatre who is grappling with her mundane world as a tour guide at Fustian House, one of the 'dullest houses in England.' To capture her disinterested visitors, Lettice resorts to theatrically embellishing the historical past of Fustian House, which attracts the attention of the prissy and officious straight-laced Lotte Schoen, Lettice's employer. As the plot unfolds, an unlikely friendship develops between Lettice and Lotte as they are united in their disgust at the ugly architecture of post-World War II Britain.


Lotte SchoenJay Aggett
Lettice DouffetRic Harley
Mr BardolphMike Rowbottom
Miss FramerGloria Wright
Surly manPeter Smithson
Visitors to Fustian HouseNatalie Davies, Sarah Enticknap, Ellie Lewis,
Helen Murphy, Peter Smithson, Liz Van der Vord,
Paula Woodward, Mike Woodward