Sinodun Players


Corn Exchange, Wallingford

Tel: 01491 825000

Membership Information

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What type of people join a dramatic society running a Theatre and Cinema? Current membership includes actors, projectionists, bar staff, directors, wardrobe, props, fund-raisers, needleworkers, set construction teams, programme sellers, box office staff, house managers, ushers, coffee staff, publicity teams etc., by no means all of whom had experience in any particular field when they first joined the Society. However, training in several of these activities, including drama workshops, is given from time to time.

There are a variety of membership levels available, each with different entitlements. Members with partners may apply for joint membership.

Membership is available to anyone age 16 and over.

Membership Subscriptions and Entitlements

Full Members

(Adult £30, Adult and Partner £50, Students £15, over 60s £20)

  • Full Members may audition for and take on-stage roles in the Sinodun Players' own theatrical productions.
  • Adult Full Members may stand for election to the committee of the Sinodun Players Amateur Dramatic Society.
  • Adult Full Members may vote at General Meetings of the Sinodun Players

Associate Members

(Adult £15, Adult and Partner £25)

  • Associate Members may take part in theatrical productions, other than on-stage acting roles.
  • Have the right to attend and speak at General Meetings of the Sinodun Players Amateur Dramatics Society but are not entitled to vote at the meetings.

All Members

  • All Members are welcome at all social functions of the Sinodun Players.
  • Are entitled to help in the running of the Corn Exchange to whatever extent they wish and to work backstage on live shows.
  • Have the right of advance booking for all Corn Exchange productions except cinema.
  • Will receive a regular newsletter together with theatre and cinema information as it becomes available.