Sinodun Players

Corn Exchange, Wallingford

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Sleeping Beauty

By Barbara Wood and Pete Orton
Director Gloria Wright

Father TimeTime Lord, very wise older man. Inventor. Married to a fairy and has two daughter. Former tutor to Prince Stanley.
CarabosseEvil fairy daughter of Father Time. Wants to take power over the world.
LilacGood fairy and other daughter of Father Time.
King Renault of MotoroviaLikes an easy life.
Queen Mercedes of MotoroviaShe's in charge.
Prince Stanley(PB) Bright young man, inquisitive.
Aurora(PG) Princess and longed-for child of King and Queen. Kind girl, loved by all.
Nanny Nina(Dame) Been in the royal family for a long time, was originally King's Nanny, then Aurora's. Fond of Lord Loverduck. Likes drinking tea.
Lord LoverduckLord chancellor, rather pompous and verbose. Prefers to be referred to as "High Vizier".
PollockFairly incompetent member of palace staff.
PillockEven more incompetent member of palace staff.
Sid the catCauses mayhem in the castle, but in the end saves the day. Hopefully this role will be played by Encore members.
4 smaller fairiesGive wonderful gifts at the christening. (Encore roles)
ChefMr (or Mrs) Jeffries. Seems to be turning into Poirot.
Choruswho will take on roles of Peggy & Clarissa, Cuthbert, Rosie & Gracie, Steward, various castle staff, lords and ladies, etc.

All Principals, except the King, have at least one song (either solo or duets) so will need to attend singing auditions.

Due to uncertainty about who will be wanting to take part this year, I would be grateful if you would email me before the end of July to indicate whether you would like to audition for either a Principal role or for the chorus. (See email address at the bottom of this notice). We are going to ask that everyone who is auditioning should have had at least one Covid-19 vaccination. In the event of not enough members of the Society coming forward for the cast, then we will advertise externally to try to bring in some new members.

A copy of the script will be emailed to you in August if you have told me you want to audition for a principal role.

Auditions will take place as follows:

Singing auditions: Saturday 4th and Sunday 12th September
Acting Auditions: Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th September. Saturday 2nd October.

I'm sorry that the audition process is rather drawn out this year but blame Mr James Bond who has caused our autumn production of A Daughter's a Daughter to be brought forward to September.

Rehearsals will start in early October and will generally be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings plus Sunday afternoons. Not everyone will be called for all these days, of course.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me direct.

Gloria Wright – Director